Meet The Clean Snob

Hi, I’m Rachel, aka The Clean Snob. Don’t worry, I’m not actually a snob. I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Clean Lifestyle Facilitator. I provide a service that makes it easy for you to make cleaner choices at home. 

What do I mean by “clean”? I mean – less ingredients, less preservatives, less fillers, less gut disruptors, less toxin exposure, less plastics, less harmful products in your house & on your body. More clean, whole, non-synthetic, effective foods & products. Together (you & me!), we'll create a super-customized plan to clean-up your everyday lifestyle products for all household categories — from food to personal care to cleaning products and everything in between. I started this lifestyle shift to feel better physically, mentally, and energetically, and I promise to do the same for you. We'll take it slow, I'll meet you where you're at, and together, we'll make you a Clean Snob. 


Well, if they say-so.

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