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What is The Clean Snob?

The Clean Snob is a service, a resource, a solution, a convenience, a starting point, an accountability partner, a Clean Lifestyle Facilitator and so much more.

The service focuses on at-home clean swaps for all household categories like food, drinks, personal care, bath & body, household items, and more.

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What is The Clean Snob process?

It’s pretty straightforward — you fill out a Lifestyle Intake Form, we review it together, come up with a customizable action plan based on your priorities & needs, I curate & order all of your new, clean food, household & personal care products, physically swap them out for you at your home, remove any unwanted items, set up any new, necessary subscriptions & leave you feeling empowered and a bit more..snobby (in the best, cleanest way).

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Who is The Clean Snob for?

As someone who has worked in marketing for 10+ years & knows damn well that not everyone can be your customer, it pains me to say — The Clean Snob is for everyone. But, I will say, you have to be somewhat motivated and want to make a change. The Clean Snob clients are new moms overwhelmed by toxic ingredients, single guys looking to clean up their lifestyle because they saw it on TikTok, newly engaged couples getting fitspo for their wedding, anyone who is moving, purging & wants to start clean in their new space, people struggling with chronic autoimmune issues, someone looking for a starting point in wellness & more! Oh, and dogs, too.

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How will I benefit from The Clean Snob?

Everyone's goals are different, but here are the key benefits: reduce inflammation, gut, hormone & digestion support, less bloating, less cravings, learn how to hydrate the right way (yes, there's a right way), choose nutrient-dense foods that your body will recognize, less exposure to toxins that destroy cellular function, education on what to avoid, blood sugar regulation, form sustainable habits, optimize sleep, peace of mind...and so much more.

The Clean Snob teaches you how to put your body first.

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Why the name “The Clean Snob”?

As I began my “clean” journey about 4 years ago, I noticed something. I almost felt embarrassed to say “no” to certain foods or drinks if someone offered or bought them for me (you know when your mom comes over with a bunch of random stuff from Costco) – it was like I only felt comfortable in my own home eating the way I wanted that made me feel my best. I felt like..a snob. Then, it naturally translated into more than just food. I wanted to feel good about my everyday products that I was using at home and on my body. 

So, this is me, owning & promoting my snob and my choices, in which I hope will inspire you to do the same. Be a snob for your body and do what makes you feel good – who else is going to do it for you? Well, besides me.

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What do you mean by "clean"?

I mean – less unnecessary ingredients, less preservatives, less additives, less fillers, less added sugars, less inflammatory oils, less artificial food dyes, less gut disruptors, less toxin exposure, less synthetic fragrances, less endocrine disruptors, less plastics, less products in your house & on your body. Just cleaner, better, gets-the-job-done stuff.

Also, so many brands and products label themselves as "clean," "organic," "vegan," and so many other buzzy words. I'm here to call them out. I'm here to help you choose better.

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Is The Clean Snob a cleaning service?

Lol, no. But, there is a purging, cleaning & organizational aspect to the process. I definitely leave your space cleaner (literally & figuratively) and more organized than it was before.

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Why should I listen to you?

LOL. Well, no pressure, but here’s my take – I’ve DONE it. For years. The research, the product testing, the brand testing, the body testing, the ingredient searches, the healing, and most importantly – the questioning. Does this make me feel good? Not only physically, but mentally. If not, what choices can I change? Yes, I’m a certified Holistic Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, but that just expanded my learnings, network & resources even further. Do I know it all? No. Will I ever lose my beginner's mind approach & stop learning to better serve others? Definitely not! 

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Is this a one-size-fits all service?

No! And I can’t do it without your help. We're a team, and we'll work collaboratively in order to make the best, most feel-good choices for you & your home.

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What clean swaps do you provide?

Literally anything & everything you want a swap for – fridge staples, pantry staples, sweet & salty snacks, supplements, cleaning supplies, water filtration, cookware, food storage, personal care, bath & body products & more!

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Do clean items cost more?

Not going to lie, most of the time, yes. But, here’s how I look at it – everyone has a choice & everything has an opportunity cost. Do I want to spend $11.79 on organic, pasteurized eggs every week? No. But there are other parts of my weekly routine I cut down, like my daily green tea at my local coffee shop..sigh. The upside? Less microplastics from the cup & tea bag, less money spent, and more money for eggs. See, choices. 

Also, there’s a premium to pay for cleaner, good-for-you ingredients produced by small brands that care about what goes into their product & into your body. I’m all for making these smaller brands more mainstream to eventually drive down cost.

Another note – I do my best to match the price of items you’re already buying and get you the best deals on new items because we love a good price point & promo.

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Do you want to be a wellness influencer?

No. The Clean Snob is a done-for-you SERVICE. I’m not interested in filming content in a grocery store aisle. I’m busy working with you to make cleaner choices for your home.

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Do you get a commission for products you recommend?

No, but maybe I should..

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What’s your take on “the dose makes the poison”?

Well, of course it does. Even too much water can be harmful to you. But, I don’t need a scientific piece of evidence to tell me cleaning with bleach is OK in small amounts. Or eating preservatives & additives everyday is OK in small amounts. My choice is to just..not..most of the time, especially at home. Again, it’s just about choices and doing what makes you feel good.

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What’s your take on ingredients?

The simpler, the better. Less is enough, if not, more. Just because you can’t pronounce something, doesn’t mean it’s automatically “bad." Just because something is free of certain ingredients, doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good or work. What works for someone else, might not work for you. If it’s controversial, try to avoid or limit it. More natural, less modified. More bioavailable nutrient-dense foods your body can actually absorb. I can go on and on and on.

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Do you always eat clean, even when you’re out?

No! I love eating & indulging. I do have celiac disease, so the only thing I 100% avoid when I’m out is gluten. That’s what I love about the at-home Clean Snob approach – make your cleaner, controllable choices at home, in all categories. It makes it easier to let go more when you’re out. It also makes going out more of a novelty, or treat-y, in my opinion.

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Can’t I just do my own research and do all of this myself?

Of course you can, but will you? The information is so available to anyone willing to immerse themselves in it. Information doesn’t initiate transformation – action does. Just because the gym is in your building, doesn’t mean you’ll go. But if you pay for a trainer, you’re more likely to show up. Just because you’re physically able to clean your house, doesn’t mean you will. Paying for a service helps you show up. Paying for a service gives you your time back. 

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How involved do I have to be in the process?

I’d say you’d invest about 3 hours of your time throughout the whole process. For the on-site swap day when I come to your home to receive the orders, make the swaps & remove any unwanted items, you do not have to be there or do literally anything. 

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What if I’m not ready to make swaps in all categories?

That’s totally cool. It’s definitely a process and a lifestyle investment & adjustment. That’s why, I meet you where you’re at and we work together to change the products you’re ready to swap & leave space for your non-negotiables or things you just aren’t ready to change.

PS – it took me about 6 months to let go of Dove soap.

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Why did you create The Clean Snob?

I love the idea of service. I worked in a hair salon throughout high school & college, so service was something I always practiced. I hate small talk, but love connecting with people on a deeper level. I played sports my whole life, so taking care of my body was also something I always practiced. I love to be home, cook, nourish and do things that I know will make me feel good – physically, mentally & energetically. Then, becoming an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach helped me channel my focus and motivation into something bigger.

I created The Clean Snob to marry all of the above. To be of service to others while helping them navigate a lifestyle shift. To become curious about their everyday choices while advocating for their body. To assist in facilitating cleaner, better food options & products that will not only benefit them now, but later in life. To set things in motion when it comes to creating a cleaner home.

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What is the cost?

There’s two parts to this – the cost for new items purchased & The Clean Snob one-time service fee.

For the new items, we come up with a budget that works best for you, getting the most clean for your buck.

The Clean Snob service fee depends on a few things – family size, geographic location, and 100% virtual or in-person services. Inquire here or book a free 15 minute intro call to start the process.

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What locations do you service?

New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island, The Hamptons and 100% virtually anywhere in the United States.

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How can I hire The Clean Snob?

You can reach out to me here or book a free 15 minute intro call to start the process.

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Do you offer The Clean Snob service to corporate offices?

Yes! For smaller businesses with 1-50 employees. Being back in the office is hard enough, the least you can do is have fun, clean snacks that don’t cause blood sugar crashes. Email me at

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Can I gift someone The Clean Snob?

Yes! Email me at for a cute digital gift card.

Have more q’s? Email me at