In just 6 easy steps, you can feel more in control of what you're putting in, on, and around your body and home. Out with the old, in with the clean. Here's how it works.


    Don't let the name intimidate you. It's an easy, very mobile-friendly form where I ask you questions about your daily habits, products, and brands you're using at home. It helps me gauge where you're at and what we'll potentially need to swap. Some even say it's fun to fill out. I wouldn't go that far, but it requires minimal thinking and only takes about 6 minutes to get through. Everyone has 6 minutes.


    Now this is what I call fun. We skip the small talk and get right into the nitty-gritty. We review the lifestyle intake form and I get to learn about your routines, what's motivating you to make a change, what you like, hate, etc. Then, we come up with a plan and budget to start swapping. This is also where we discuss your non-negotiables aka things you'd never swap—like ever. I also never judge you—like ever. Reminder, I'm not an actual snob.


    This step is exactly what it sounds like. Based on everything we reviewed together, your goals and budget, I curate your clean online carts for your review. Once approved, I place the orders and ~stalk~ the ETA's in order to schedule the at-home swap day. 


    Aah, my favorite day. After some light logistical talk like how I'll get into your apartment or house, how to turn off your alarm, what time to feed your dog (yes, I'll totally do that), etc., I come over and start swapping. I retrieve the new, clean items, toss the toxic junk, replace and organize everything. You come home to a clean (very literal and figurative) space and already feel so much better and in charge of your body.


    I totally get it, you're busy. But, we need to connect again about how you're adjusting to your new, clean swaps. Maybe you love something, maybe you hate something—I need to know! The follow-up can either be a call or via text—you choose.


    Anything that requires less thinking, amiright? This last step really seals the deal. I'll set up subscriptions for the clean items you're loving—because who has time to order things? You'll mentally thank me every time an order magically arrives at your door. You're welcome!

  • And that's that. After 6 easy steps, you're officially A CLEAN SNOB!